Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Bamboo Lounge

In it's current state.
You will recall I named it this because of the funky wallpaper and carpet. Recently A replaced the baseboard heater and the temperature in there often borders on tropical. I was planning to do an accent colour of apple green in this room when it finally gets redone so when I saw these cute green pillow very much on sale at Pier One I had to grab them. Hey if you can't beat em, incorporate them into your design plan!And yes, this is what it looks like when it is clean!

See there on top of the TV...the black thingy next to a smaller green thingy? That is my kettlebell (15lbs- black) next to R's little kettlebell (5lbs- green). Wow, do we have a lot of toys or what!


  1. It was either at the dollar store on Schoolhouse or at Winners that I saw some stick on decals for the wall (forgot what they officially call them!) but I thought of you because they were exactly like your pillows!

  2. Yeah, this room really needs more bamboo! ;^)