Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Fairy Princess Birthday

 You know I go a little crazy for birthdays.  We try no to do a big party until the kids turn 5, but we still made a bit of a big deal for the family dinner for L's 4th birthday.  She is becoming quite the little lady so we had a very girly fairy princess theme.  Sadly she had a high fever (I think this happened when she was 2 as well, poor thing) but still we had fun.

One thing to remember about fairies is that they are very tiny.  
So we had a tiny bunting banner in the entryway.

 We had marsh mellow fairy wands, pink of course.

 We had lots of tiny food.  There were mini hotdogs, sliders (mini hamburgers), mini spinach dip bread bowls, mini pepperoni pizza muffins, mini mac 'n' cheese muffins, mini cupcake pops.  And our course pink fairy juice.

I made costumes for the girls.  Tutus, wings, ribbon crowns and stick wands.  They were super cute, but only got worn very briefly, oh well.

My boys were not excited about being fairies, so they were elves.  They insisted elves have bows and arrows.  So a few sticks from the yard, construction paper, string and burlap scraps created bows, arrows and quivers that satisfied the brothers.

Someone cheating at pin the wand on the fairy

 Sweetness trying hard to blow out her candles...

 Then the next day we had a little fairy play date with 2 preschool friends.  Same basic fairy stuff and a lot of time spent on the swings and the play house in the backyard.

Today she said, "Uh, Mom, I think I can do that myself.  I am 4 now."
Yes you are big girl.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Colours of Spring

 We bought a few different bouquets and mixed them together for the Easter mantel.  I picked purple, L picked pink and R picked yellow.  It was a nice little pick me up during the spring rain we have been having.
But the spring rain does serve a purpose and the sad neglected plants in our yard are soaking it in.  Here are some blooms in yellow, purple and pink to prove my point.

 There are some other pink flowers around our house lately...
 My hubby bought 2 dozen pink roses for the lady of the house.  No, not me.  The real boss around here.  Turning 4 and she already gets roses.  She must be pretty special!

Friday, April 6, 2012

In our Easter Best

R's bow tie is a bit floppy because I made the strap a bit too long.. too bad. But still cute!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pinspiration- Bow Ties for Easter

I have a cute little dress (actually two) for my daughter for Easter, but the boys have fewer options. My hubby vetoed sweater vests, so I was trying to think of something fun they could wear besides a button up shirt and kakkis. Then I remembered I had pinned a few different tutorials for little bow ties on pinterest.

bow ties for my boys
After clearing the idea with R and K, I let them pick from a few different scraps I had in my sewing box. The tutorial was straight forward, I made both in about an hour. The hardest part was turning the long skinny strap inside out. It took forever. I still have to add the fasteners (velcro or hook and eyes) but that requires the boys actually wearing their shirts in order to measure.

tutorial from Papernstitch
Oh and I didn't use interfacing. I wanted to make them right away and I couldn't find any interfacing in my stash, so I went rogue. Just call me the Sarah Palin of sewing. And don't tell my friends who actually know how to sew!