Friday, September 23, 2011

A Little Fall Decorating

Last time I said I bought a little tray. I think it looks great with pumpkins on it, don't you?Then I copied Pinterest (surprise, surprise) and created a candy corn banner for over the fireplace. Just using supplies from the art drawer, it was super easy. We bought some mini gourds at Superstore...
I also put together the soft pumpkins I make every year...
Made from 3 of these...
Wrapped in orange fabric scraps and with construction paper stem and leaves. I love that these are kid friendly, they can handle them and put them in various places around the house as they help me decorate for fall.
Let the season of chicken soup, rainboots and pumpkins begin!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A new blue accent

Got a tray at Homesense the other day...

Love the colour and it was cheap. Cute and cheap are my top 2 criteria!
Now just deciding where to put it. Hmmm. Since blue is the accent colour in my entire house I have a few rooms to choose from.

Did I mention my camera got smashed hence the iphone only photos on the blog lately? At this moment my husband is at the camera store hopefully buying a new one. Might go crazy and take a bunch of new pics this week. I guess I have to clean the house first, so maybe not:)

Friday, September 16, 2011

A good fence...

The old fence had to go. It was barely standing when we bought the house 3 years ago. K tried to climb it a few weeks ago and that was truly the end. No worries, the new fence building project had been scheduled for the first week of school when A. had a few days off and the weather was supposed to be cooler.

This pile is pretty much what the fence looked like before, just a bit more upright. Just a bit.
So we coordinated with our neighbour, who is lovely and helpful. Hubby built a big fence on possibly the hottest week of the summer. Poor hubby.

He designed the fence all himself, it looks great! It is a bit taller than we imagined 6 ft to be. Guess we won't be seeing much of our nice neighbour now... but we also won't be seeing the traffic wizz by on the road behind them. Sorry friends no more snow day traffic updates from my kitchen, unless I stand on a chair.

Almost after pics - the tops are on the posts now and it looks very professional
Did you know fences are EXPENSIVE? Like super expensive. A. built the panels himself to save money (and get the look he wanted) but I can't imagine how much it would be to hire it out to a contractor. Ouch. He tells me we will move long before it needs to be done again so that's something.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

to my affirming flame

Some seasons of life you get to walk along with someone who totally loves you and gets you. It's a gift. I am pretty sure I wouldn't be here any more if it weren't for the sweetest person I know....
Incredibly attractive picture of us taking our kids on a rainy hike last year!

I am like Anne of Green Gables blabbing her head off and she is Matthew patiently letting me get it all out. My husband really should be thankful that I have her as a friend. He doesn't know how much I say to her before he even gets home and I start rambling to him:)

Thanks Jo for being my affirming flame and always showing me grace and love. You really are a wonderful person and without a doubt the best mom I know.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Each of Us is a Flower (night light)

In August we were home with 2 kids and a day off. Amazing!
Except it was pouring. Terrible!
We decided to go to IKEA. Great!
So did the rest of the city. Doh!
But we had a gift card that needed to be spent and there was room at small land so we went for it.

All we came home with was this cute new light for L's room. And some napkins, and a few other little things. IKEA is terrible for small impulse buys. (New can opener? For that price who can refuse!)
Since we were attaching it to the wall we had to think ahead. Where will we put her bed when it gets extended like a big girl bed? But we couldn't decide so we just fiddled around with the layout and extended the bed anyway. Basically the dresser swapped places with the pink chair. I still can't decide if I like it or if it's awkward.

And here it is lit up. It has remained lit up for the last 2.5 weeks straight. In fact the day we bought it daddy had to go straight off to work. She carried it around all night then the next morning woke him up with the light in her hands ready to be installed. Safe to say she loves it. It's her sl-ower light.
Big girl reading in her room
Her purses all lined up on the hooks. This is her own design.