Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pinspiration- Altered T shirt

I saw a great grey t shirt on pinterest quite a while ago. I loved its shape and detail but the fact that it was totally casual at the same time. It was perfect for me so I looked up the link. I could buy it, it's by Marc Jacobs for just $535 canadian. So, uh, NO I will not be buying a five hundred dollar casual t shirt.
Plan B. In my PJ drawer I have a grey t shirt that has been there forever, soft and worn in and the perfect grey. No before picture because honestly I didn't expect much. I sat down at the sewing machine after the kids were in bed and while my hubby was working evening shift and just tried a few things. If the shirt is old and free you can't really lose right?
So a snip here and a pintuck there with left over thread while I watched a little nostalgic netflix (Seaquest anyone, ha). I cut the bottom off, cut the neck and arms, then sewed up the armholes so they wouldn't gape. I sewed a few lines then tried it on then continued on like that. When the thread ran out I stopped. And this is what it looked like:
Awesome instagram photos I took while shopping by myself- a rare occasion.
But you get the idea.
Next time, yes there will definitely be a next time, I will do before and after proper pics so you get the idea. It was just so much fun to finish a project and have it work like I pictured!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pillowcase dress

I (finally) made a pillowcase dress for L. I got the idea a long time ago and took her to Value Village to get a practice pillowcase.

She was this big.
Oh so squeezable, look at that face.

This particular pillowcase had polka dot fabric in all our favourite colours, and it was cheap! Perfect.
Except I didn't get back to it for a long long time. Like a few years. Cough, procrastination, cough.
But I recently had the urge to sew and this project had everything I needed, bias tape, thread, some contrasting scraps for the ribbon at the shoulders. It took no time at all! Not perfect but easy enough that I plan to try again. In the mean time I have to convince her to wear a shirt underneath if she insists on wearing this dress in January!