Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scarf tips

Here is a bit of winter cuteness for you friends...
A little scarf tying tutorial that reminds me of chatting with my best friend. Not just Bethany's sweetness but also because of the constant interruption of little people. It's pretty cute on the video.

In my house while I'm on the phone... not so much.

So check out this post on do.think.wear.see.love.dream. I love the whole photo collage of scarf outfits.

PS- This girl is the reason I bought my skinny cargos. I am such a copy cat.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

When all else fails... go shopping

Not many posts lately, huh? Yep, my creative energy has been zapped due to a string of different events and circumstances. I do feel as if I am getting on top of things and trying to move forward but the creative energy has not yet returned.

My Christmas decorations are away, my house is clean (finally). But I haven't redone the mantel since Christmas. With the amount of mantel decorating posts in the history here, well, you know that is out of the ordinary.

The easy place for the creative side of my brain to wander these days is fashion blogs. So I have been reading:

and what I wore wednesday at The Pleated Poppy

And etsy sites:

And I have been watching what they wear and planning what to spend my Christmas money. Check out these cute boots on Tania from What Would A Nerd Wear. Ok, I bought grey skinny cords because of her too.

And then check out my newest purchase from oldnavy.ca. I initially thought they were too orange, but my mom ok'd them via an email pic so I have since worn them out and about. They were a Boxing Day special but are now $5 cheaper than when I bought them. Snakes! Oh well, still a good deal and pretty fun to wear.
As a result of all these blogs I am developing quite the addiction to online shopping. Pretty easy and I haven't had to return one thing yet!