Monday, January 25, 2010

Kids Rooms Update

I know I am so uncreative with the titles. Sigh. Sorry can't help it I am a little tired and I feel a cold coming on. Creativity is gone. Here are some pictures of the kids rooms in their brief clean state!!
These are little shelves in the shape of red airplanes that I got at the LTO dutch auction last year. They have been sitting in the closet since then waiting to be hung up. When they announced that the dutch auction is coming up again I was shamed into forcing A to hang them once I realized it had been a whole year! Now the boys each have a little place to put their treasures at night.

This is their room, besides the shelves and the new car shaped night light on the dresser it is pretty much the same as always.
L got a lower case l on her wall thanks to a vinyl decal that was on sale at HomeSense. Every time she looks at it she points and says Mama because she saw me putting it up. Everyone says it looks like a #1, but it is an L I tell you!
I still have fabric stars that I would like to stick to the wall around that decal, but I don't know if that will actually ever happen. I also have white fabric for roman shades and cute trim fabric for each bedroom, but I would need a good day to make those so maybe in April I will get to it! Thanks for looking.

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