Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pretty pillow and a little reno update

We went to IKEA recently to buy our cabinets for the downstairs, and we also bought some upper cabinets to serve as built ins around the downstairs fireplace. It ended up being a very long trip, but we got gift cards (part of the promotion they are doing this month). And with those gift cards I bought most of the fun things I wanted from the new IKEA catalogue. And I still have money left over!

Here is a pretty little throw pillow I bought to spice up the living room for fall. You know I love to change the pillows...
Isn't it cute? I really love it and that doesn't happen with me and pattern very often!

And finally a little glimpse at the work downstairs...
My talented hubby made the fireplace surround out of one sheet of MDF and you can see the IKEA cabinets to the side. They will be raised up a few inches so the bottom piece matches the height of the baseboard. A little trim here and there and then the MDF will be painted all white and the doors will go on the cabinets.
There you go, they will look just like built ins. *I hope*

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Online shopping? Yes please!

Recently, Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic have developed a canadian website. That means online shopping that ships without the ridiculous shipping charges of ordering from the US. I in fact got free shipping since I ordered more than 50 bucks from Old Navy.

I do have access Old Navy and Gap stores in our local mall. I find they can be out of stock, or carry less variety than what I see online. And Banana Republic. Oh Banana. I love Banana Republic but the nearest store is Metrotown, not close enough to visit in the 2 hours of preschool. That my friends means I never go. But online? Very easy to shop with kids running around.

The biggest issue is not being able to try things on. Especially at Old Navy, seriously cheap means serious inconsistency of sizing. But thankfully everything we bought this time fit!

When the package was delivered Tuesday morning, it was like Christmas! See, I ripped the packages open...

And we tried on the outfits right away. A shirt and dress for me and a dress and cardigan and tights for Miss L. Here she is showing off her new dress...

And here are a few more pics of her just for fun!
So my only caution besides sizing, is the length of wait. It took a full 2 weeks from ordering to delivery. Not so quick. I actually forgot what I ordered and had to look it up twice while I waited. I almost bought duplicate tights for L because I forgot the colours I ordered. In the end I just held off on buying new tights while I waited. But the convenience is undeniable and the prices were as cheap as I can imagine. Now I just have to wait for something to go on sale at Banana....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We hosted Thanksgiving dinner here on Sunday night. Fun and relaxed. Both sides of the family hung out, the kids all played so well, and of course the food was yummy! Thankfulness flows pretty naturally from a dinner like this...
My lovely sister took care of the turkey, it was yummy!
And we had lots of room for everyone! Don't you just hate a holiday dinner where you are jammed together? Oops, I just noticed I put the lefties in the middle of the table... in stead of on the end. Sorry guys, I'll think of it next time.

And look what this handsome man made...
One pretty delish pumpkin cheesecake with graham cracker crust...

And two lovely apple pies, his specialty...
Yep, he's a keeper!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

This I admit is an amalgamation of 2 weeks. I only managed to dress nicely twice (both Sundays). And I only got pictures of the first one. The rest were thrown together and ho hum, or based purely on comfort. But here they are.
Brown Cardi - Banana Republic
Brown Tank - Banana Republic
Grey dress - Joe Fresh @ Superstore
Grey leggings - Zellers
Brown flats - Payless
Silver multistrand necklace - Reitmans
Aqua beaded necklace - made by me

That was it. And I only wore it for the morning at church. But I was comfy and felt good, so I think it worked. And Rosa thought it was cute, and she has amazing taste. The rest are outfits to take the kids to school in, and well, I was comfy!

This was last Monday and I totally didn't want to get dressed this day!
Navy boyfreind T - Joe Fresh @ Superstore
Jeans - Gap
Belt - Alfred Sung Pure @ Zellers
Yawn. The I added this necklace I got from my Grandma in law.
Notice the chaos in the background.
That's why I chose this pic, the story of my life I tell you.
Started out in these slippers from Target.
Eventually I needed real shoes so I put on these loafers from Lands End.

This Monday:
I was so late for school this day that I didn't do my makeup or hair. By the time I took this picture I think I had mascara on, not sure I got much further than that the whole day.

Then I threw on some clothes and ran the kids to school. In 2 minutes. On foot. With all 3 kids. It's usually a 10 minute walk. Yep, we were really late leaving the house, but Ry got to school on time!

The rest of the outfit looked just like this pic from last time:
Stripped T - Joe Fresh @ Superstore
Jeans - Gap
Grey loafers - Payless

This Tuesday:
Top - American Eagle (Cuter IRL I think)
Jeans - Gap
(yes I have a few pairs of the same jeans!)
Shoes - Target

This was a relaxed day of school for Ry, and hanging out with 2 sicky little ones for the day. We stayed at the playground after school for over an hour because of the lovely weather. Then my hubby took the little ones to his parents house for dinner and Ry and I had dinner together before his soccer practice. Very sweet to have a date with my 6 yr old.
That's it.
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Candlesticks Reinvented

With the thought of shopping the house and using what you've got I painted some candlesticks that we were given as a wedding gift. A lovely gift that I used for many years, but now they were sitting in a box. Tastes do change over 10 years, I guess. I decided to repaint them and see what happened.


All done up for Fall.
All it took was one coat of primer. We were already priming other stuff for the basement so it was out and I borrowed some. Then a coat of silver paint I bought at Michaels. But it was too silvery, so for the last coat I mixed black craft paint in with the silver. I liked it so much I used the left overs on the chalkboard frame, which was previously unfinished pine.

In reality I want the mirror over the fireplace to be this pewter colour so I was trying it out on these candlesticks and on the chalkboard frame, too. I like it so ... the mirror is the next victim. Stay tuned.