Friday, May 21, 2010

Easy Accent Pillows

I want to start off by saying I do know how to sew (sort of).
That is not the issue.
I do have a sewing machine (but it is very basic).
The issue here is more one of impatience.
Why take the time to do the job right when a quick job will do just fine.

Ok, with the preamble over I will get on to the project.

Accent pillows are one of my favorite ways to change up a room. We all know fabric makes a big difference in how a room looks and feels. I love to change up my accent pillows often. Mostly my pillows are plain colours but I am learning to embrace pattern too.

While the basement lies unfinished there is nowhere for my sewing machine to live (except under the stairs). So hauling it out just for a new accent pillow is kinda a pain. Not to mention the trip to the fabric store and taking over the dining room table which, let's face it, are just too time consuming right now.

So, I have resorted to a much simpler, quicker and cheaper solution. I saw it on Martha. It was the idea of one of her guests, which makes sense as I assume Martha has her own seamstress on salary. And a whole room for her sewing machine.

Here we go.

Supply list- cloth napkins, glue gun, old pillow you now think is ugly.

Here's where it gets tricky... glue the edges of the napkin together, stuff the pillow in before you finish, then glue up the extra seam.

Phew. You are done.

The only thing left is for your husband to come in and remark on the constant influx of unnecessary accent pillows. That's when you know it's perfect.

Occasionally the seams pull open a bit. This is easily repaired with... you guessed it, the glue gun. They look pretty good and since cloth napkins are cheap on sale (these green ones were a buck each) and you only need 2 per pillow - you can just redo them if they get dirty or you decide you love new colours. Like I do almost every month.

I am linking up to the Frugal Friday linky party at the Shabby Nest.
Even though I am pretty sure some one did this exact thing a few weeks ago with placemats and linked it there. Oh well, great minds...

Thursday, May 20, 2010


It feels weird not having access to my pictures. Please take good care of my computer Mr. MAC man. I told you it would need some part I had never heard of, apparently our logic board is fried. Yeah for warranties.

I have a few things I want to post but will have to wait til next week. Here is what I would be writing about if I had the pictures to show you...

The sliding glass door was replaced in late April and looks really nice. It is amazing how much quieter/warmer/cooler it is with that giant space now covered with quality glass. I have a nice pic of the front of our house and will do a before/after picture when the computer is back. The garden was all perfectly blooming last week and I have a great shot of it. I would still like to replace the front railing but it is not at the top of the list. Maybe I can get one of the kids to break that so I can get a new one. Hmm, I'll think on that.

The backyard playhouse is done. The gables went on a while ago (I almost broke my neck helping) and the grass went in last week. I bought a few of those recycle rubber mats from Rona to go under the swings and at the end of the slide (they are on sale this weekend). It was a mom at R's school that gave me the idea. You know, since the ground under the swings just gets worn away anyway. I think a nice before and after of that is in order too. All credit to my hubby for building that thing, it is amazing. Even our little neighbour buddy came to play today and didn't want to leave.

I also have a bunch of little things I was meaning to post. Like how I re-did the back of my china cabinet with scrapbook paper. And the master bedroom has new lights and new "art". I made it myself, so trust me the quotes are warranted.

And of course there are a bunch of projects that need doing so I can share them with you like painting the stair risers, the fireplace, half my furniture, making roman blinds from the material I have already bought and measured and cut. Wow, I should go start one of those projects. After I fold my mountain of laundry. And clean the toilet and the floor next to it, again today.

I may be posting something I wrote a while back for tomorrow, if I get organized. It has pictures from before the logic board incident so the week won't be all words.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Song Lyric Sunday

I am posting this on pretend Sunday - see previous post.

This song has been in my head for a while and I have been meaning to put it up here. Who doesn't love a song you can hear on a movie soundtrack (O Brother, Where Art Thou?) and in church. It gets in my head and my kids have to say "Mom, please stop singing that."

Down to the River to Pray

As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good old way
And who shall wear the starry crown
Good Lord, show me the way !

O sisters let's go down,
Let's go down, come on down,
O sisters let's go down,
Down in the river to pray.

As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good old way
And who shall wear the robe and crown
Good Lord, show me the way !

O brothers let's go down,
Let's go down, come on down,
Come on brothers let's go down,
Down in the river to pray.

We are experiencing some difficulties

The beloved Mac is at the Mac store getting a spa weekend to help him feel better and run a bit quicker, and to replace some part I have most likely never heard of.

Ironically the only thing that was running smoothly on our Mac was the windows platform. Ha. So we are back to the old PC laptop (which is surprisingly different to type on) and that is why I haven't been around for a bit. So it is actually Tuesday but we are going to pretend it is Sunday, ok? Alright.

10 + 3 update

I have decided to take a break from the food journaling for now. I was making it very complicated and getting away from the real plan which is to eat healthier.

Water will still be a goal. I have been busy so I haven't done that great on the water, but this week that is something to shoot for.

I have been keeping up with the exercise though. I still love to work with the kettlebells. Two weeks ago I pulled my right quad a bit but I was able to work around it and it is feeling 100% now. Then last week I pulled my right hamstring a bit, while the quad was still sore. All that to say I have been off for a few days now and I feel much better. That's it for the update.

Monday, May 10, 2010

10 + 3 Challenge update

A quick little update to say I am still doing the 10 + 3 challenge. Could be drinking more water. Could be eating more veggies. Exercise is going well.

That really was quick. A few more details...

-I am doing week 2 of calorie cycling and I like it.

-I added in some Turbulence Training workouts to the mix. Wow, great way to shake things up. The chin ups really worked my back and chest and sides. I felt that for a few days even though mine were more "lower downs" than pull ups.

-I found this new workout style called circular strength training (don't you just love youtube? They have everything on there). Did a bit today with the kids outside and it was FUN. I am going to have to learn more and add it to the kettlebells. It is a bit of plyometrics and bodyweight exercises combined and done in a circuit. Very interesting.

Anyway, I am going downstairs to try and workout now, see ya later.

Spoiled Momma

I had a perfectly lovely Mother's Day. You?

This is my family with my mom.
The lady in the middle back is no relation to us.
She is my Dad's neighbour and she wanted to be in the picture.
Personally I find it hilarious.

The little ones visiting GG Nan and her sunshine hued card.

I worked the Saturday night, then came home to gifts the kids had bought with Dad at the Dollar Store. Among them a Canada flag, a candle and some magnetic clips. All very lovingly wrapped in flower paper, thanks. I also got some plants to fill up a planter that has been empty for at least a year. Then a quiet four hour nap (hey, I just worked a night shift!) and on with the day.

But the best gift I got, hands down, was freedom from organizing, planning and shopping for the 4 other mother's in our life we have to honour. Phew. It can be a big job.

Thankfully A took the kids out and let them make very creative and gigantic cards for their Grandmas and Great Grandmas. My Mom went out for dinner with my sis and b-i-l so we met up briefly at my Dad's to give her the afore mentioned gigantic gaudy card and had a brief visit (see the top pic). Then, Auntie L hosted his side of the family for Mother's Day and all we did was show up. Thanks!
Auntie L and Cousin A at the Preschool Tea

All in all pretty low key and sweet. I am going into detail about K's preschool tea over at wantedamonkey if you are interested in that kinda thing.

Lastly, this is the very thoughtful card R brought home for me from Kindergarten.
In case you can't read it, it says:
My mom loves magazines.
My mom loves tulips.
My mom loves her house.
My mom loves Wii.
But best of all my mom loves me!

It is all shockingly accurate (except for the Wii, I could take it or leave it) and very sweet. Oh, and the 2 tall people are me and R. The large one in the middle is Tiger, his favorite stuffed animal. Nice that she got recognized too.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Assembled. Almost

10 hour day in the rain for our poor Daddy.
Only thing left are the roof gables.
They will have to wait for the sun.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some Assembly Required

Costco wooden play set for the backyard. Happy Birthday Little L.

Backyard before with old swing frame.

Level ground, sort wood and screws.

Lotsa wood.
Lotsa screws.
36 kinds of hardware separated, inventoried and labelled in ziplock bags.
Evening and morning the first day.
Not counting the week it took to clear the garden.

Build the frame, roof, ladder. Lots of help from friends, neighbours, family.
Evening and morning the second day.

This may be epic. Stay tuned.