Friday, January 15, 2010

Sweet No Guilt Treat

If you have had a night shift with me, oh say in the last 6 months, you know I am now very much into Agave Nectar, as a replacement for sugar, honey, syrup, and all things sweet. It is sweeter than honey, it is WAY lower on the glycemic index (means it won't raise blood sugar, won't get stored as fat, is generally better for you), and it tastes good. I discovered a recipe for brownies that have no sugar, only Agave. No white flower, instead spelt and whole wheat flour. And no butter, just olive oil. Oh, and there is cooked sweet potato in there too. Sound gross? Gagging on your crunchy granola? They are not. They are good. So good that my kids love them, even the picky one (that would be K. This is L in the picture). I have to hide them so my kids can't gobble them all up, because they will!

I would give you the recipe, but I left it at work, doh!
Here is a link to someone else who likes them too and took the time to type out the recipe, you gotta try these Brownies.
PS- I just found this blog by googling clean eating brownies, I have no idea what else is on there!
PPS- I recently discovered there is some controversy over Agave brands, I am looking into the Superstore brand to see if it is ok or not. The stuff I get at Planet Organic was highly recommended, so I might go back to that just to be safe.

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