Tuesday, October 30, 2012

 I haven't really written because I haven't been sure where to start.  I guess I'll just jump back into it and not think too much.  Decor is as good a place to start as any! So here are our Halloween decorations so far. 

 A little chalkboard art:

 Garbage bag spider webs:

And a few knick knacks here and there:

Happy Halloween!

Friday, July 13, 2012


I have been a nurse for 12 years, I guess that is why I am fine with being blunt.  
Sometimes things just are, no point in mincing words. 

A few weeks ago my Dad died.

No one was surprised, many people explained how it was for the best as he was so ill and not himself for several years.

I guess they are right, but he is still gone. 

We had a good funeral service and this is what I said:

Psalm 30 tells us sorrow may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Our night of sorrow has lasted many years but there will still be a morning of joy. 

I saw an older man the other day at the gas station carefully lifting the hose to drain every last drop of gas that he had paid for into his tank.  I realized then that my dad will be with me in so many different circumstances, in big and small ways every day, and that is my joy.

When someone can’t read my handwriting…
he is with me. 

When I can’t read my handwriting…
            he is with me.

When I hear country music…
he is with me. 

When I see a water colour painting…
he is with me.

When I watch my kids running around with red cheeks, kicking a soccer ball…
he is with me. 

When I see R’s love of reading…
he is with me. 

When K’s sweaty hair curl out from under  a baseball cap…
he is with me. 

When L runs up to her dad after her bath with her wet hair and a brush…
he is with me. 

When I fill out a crossword puzzle in block letters with the words mostly misspelled…
he is with me. 

When I hear a volkswagen bug with no muffler…
he is with me. 

When I drive the long way through all the back roads and call it a short cut…
he is with me. 

When I have a fascinating conversation with a preschooler…
he is with me. 

When I quietly hope the underdog will win..
he is with me. 

And almost every day, he will be with me when someone says to me or my children
“Are your eyes really that blue?”
And I will answer “Yep, they are just like my dad’s.”

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pinspiration- Succulents

 A while ago I saw some cute succulents on pinterest.  It reminded me of something they did on the blog YoungHouseLove as well.  L and I had a bit of an adventure at Value Village one day and came home with three white containers.  I tried to buy the succulents at IKEA, as they did on YoungHouseLove, but there were only a few left by that time and they were sad, sad specimens.  Instead we dropped in Home Depot and bought them there.

the summer mantel

Hopefully these are plants I can't kill.  But they are looking a bit sad... I hear that fake succulents are nice too...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Old Buffet

This buffet has been in my parents house as long as I can remember.  My mom also acquired another beautiful wooden buffet with carved handles, it is so lovely.  Anyway, this buffet had to go to make room for a new skinny and tall buffet with a hutch.  And we all know what happens to nice wooden furniture when my mom is done with it... it comes to live with me.  See my living room bench and coffee table for previous examples.
Buffet in its previous home,  my mom's dining room

But this is so beautiful I couldn't paint it like the antique coffee table.  Although if you are wondering I stand by that decision 100%.  No, I kinda wanted this to stay wood but I needed to give it a twist.  

A. and I agreed that painting the inside turquoise would be an acceptable compromise.  Turns out we still couldn't get over painting even the inside (wusses) so A. cut some particle board he had lying around (a great use for old destroyed IKEA drawers) and I painted that.  No one could object to painted particleboard, I mean no one.

I used a bunch of other inherited things to fill and decorate the top and inside of my newly revived buffet.  Finally, a place for my clock collection!

 And here it is!

 It needs something on the wall like a mirror or picture and the lamps aren't great, I know but I am thinking that over.  Maybe pinterest will have an idea for my on that front.

But for now, thanks to my mom for the silver, some of the clocks and of course the buffet. Thanks to A's grandparents for the chairs and his other grandma that left us the clocks and crystal.  And thanks to our wedding guests from 12 years ago for giving us everything blue you see in there!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Growing Up

My babe is so big now.  His handsome, clever, serious self turns 8 today.

Seems like only yesterday he was being born. On the floor. In our apartment.  
Yes, this is my moments-old son wrapped in a beach towel and me on a stretcher in my living room.    This really is his first picture.  Ahh, good times.

For the full details of the Tintin party, go here.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pinspiration- 'Milk Bottles'

I feel like I don't really have any creative thoughts lately that aren't pinterest inspired.
Here are some bottles that are like 'vintage milk bottles' and I got the idea from you know where.

Basically, I bought a whole flat of bottled SB frappuccinos from Costco.  I drank some of them, wow they are strong!  I poured some out into containers and froze them thinking they would be good as smoothies (diluted with milk? fruit?) if it ever gets hot here.  The label is a sticker, it came off pretty easily with hot water.  I might have scrubbed a bit with oil to get the last of the stickies off, can't quite remember.

 Then, I painted a few of the lids with left over craft paint.  Cute, huh?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Yep.  Finally got bangs.  
This first picture is the closest to my actual hair colour.  
Didn't realize how different instagram makes it look but it didn't change.  Still brown.

Wow, do I look different.  And I kinda love it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pinspiration- TOM's update

TOM's are everything everyone says they are.  They're cute, comfortable, for a good cause, and they easily get a hole in the toe.  Just like everyone says.  I got my TOM's last year and wore them frequently until the holes got bad.  They have been sitting dusty on a shelf in the mudroom ever since.  

Enter the source of all ideas on the planet, Pinterest!

 I read and pinned a few different tutorials on covering up that silly hole.  So, with nothing to lose, I gathered some things I had on hand and tried it.

Patch the holes with iron on patches to prevent the problem from reoccurring immediately.
 Then use a scrap of fabric and a ton of fabric glue and to for it.  In this case the fabric was the bottom of a pair of pants that became shorts last summer so that was also free.

TADA!  I think they turned out just fine.  Totally neat and presentable and a little colour blocking to up the trendiness factor.  Yeah for pinterest once again!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Fairy Princess Birthday

 You know I go a little crazy for birthdays.  We try no to do a big party until the kids turn 5, but we still made a bit of a big deal for the family dinner for L's 4th birthday.  She is becoming quite the little lady so we had a very girly fairy princess theme.  Sadly she had a high fever (I think this happened when she was 2 as well, poor thing) but still we had fun.

One thing to remember about fairies is that they are very tiny.  
So we had a tiny bunting banner in the entryway.

 We had marsh mellow fairy wands, pink of course.

 We had lots of tiny food.  There were mini hotdogs, sliders (mini hamburgers), mini spinach dip bread bowls, mini pepperoni pizza muffins, mini mac 'n' cheese muffins, mini cupcake pops.  And our course pink fairy juice.

I made costumes for the girls.  Tutus, wings, ribbon crowns and stick wands.  They were super cute, but only got worn very briefly, oh well.

My boys were not excited about being fairies, so they were elves.  They insisted elves have bows and arrows.  So a few sticks from the yard, construction paper, string and burlap scraps created bows, arrows and quivers that satisfied the brothers.

Someone cheating at pin the wand on the fairy

 Sweetness trying hard to blow out her candles...

 Then the next day we had a little fairy play date with 2 preschool friends.  Same basic fairy stuff and a lot of time spent on the swings and the play house in the backyard.

Today she said, "Uh, Mom, I think I can do that myself.  I am 4 now."
Yes you are big girl.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Colours of Spring

 We bought a few different bouquets and mixed them together for the Easter mantel.  I picked purple, L picked pink and R picked yellow.  It was a nice little pick me up during the spring rain we have been having.
But the spring rain does serve a purpose and the sad neglected plants in our yard are soaking it in.  Here are some blooms in yellow, purple and pink to prove my point.

 There are some other pink flowers around our house lately...
 My hubby bought 2 dozen pink roses for the lady of the house.  No, not me.  The real boss around here.  Turning 4 and she already gets roses.  She must be pretty special!

Friday, April 6, 2012

In our Easter Best

R's bow tie is a bit floppy because I made the strap a bit too long.. too bad. But still cute!