Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Laundry Room update

Well. The laundry room is functional so my hubby is done. Great, thanks honey. It works but still needs a good coat of white on all the trim/bench/ etc.
My favorite part is the laundry chute. My knees are so thankful for all the trips up and down the stairs this prevents. So thankful!Here is what my beautiful laundry chute looks like from the outside....
And these are the unpainted shelves and bench. This is much needed storage for our busy family. And so great that the boys can put away their own stuff when we come home. It is prettier than this now but I don't have a current picture. I am working on it though, an updated picture will be coming soon-ish!


  1. Yay for mudrooms!
    I notice with your laundry room you don't have a lot of counter space - where do you sort all your laundry?

  2. Ya know when I am sorting it, it's dirty anyway so I sort piles on the floor. We have always done this so It seems normal to me, isn't it? And then we cart the clean clothes upstairs and fold them in the living room or on our bed.