Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All Dressed Up...

.....and can't get everyone to sit still for a picture.
Darn it, we didn't get any family pics of us dressed up and even my attempt at all the dressed up kids in one picture was a disaster.
Oh, well. I'll just tell you A got himself a new dress shirt and tie, a haircut and he looked pretty cute. L's hand-me-down dress makeover worked well and it was perfect with her sparkly party shoes. K wore R's outfit from 2 Christmases ago and it was adorable, and R was cute in new pants and a blue dress shirt.
My dress was great except for the fact that I washed it the day before and dried it flat just like the directions say. And it shrunk. Like 2 inches shrunk. Like "I have to hike my slip up to my bra" shrunk. But I wore it anyways because by the time I bought new tights, a slip, a necklace, etc I was going to wear it no matter what! It was cute. A bit short but cute. Here is the best I could do for pictures....

Nice tie!

Notice the grey coat and the fun pearl necklace. I also chose to go for a shorter grey cardigan that looked better than the original black one.
Here are the cuties and their loot...
and here is a lost opportunity to tick "Christmas Card Photo" off the list

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back to the laundry room

yep, another laundry room teaser.....

We were trying to pick paint colours for the new laundry/mud room and I wanted grey. Thank goodness for sample pots. The middle colour was my original choice Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. But after I painted the sample, A came upstairs and said "Why did you pick brown?". Yeah, very beigey in that room. So I tried Chelsea Gray (right), nope. Almost black, not what i had in mind. So back to the store I went out on a limb and just got Coventry Gray (up on Left). It is in the middle of those other colours on the paint chips, much lighter than Chelsea Gray and definitely grey-er than my beloved Revere Pewter. It looks great. You'll just have to take my word for it for now. Once the shelves are finished and the doors are on the cabinets I might be ready to let you see.....

Monday, November 16, 2009

What's your vote?

I am invited to my hubby's work Christmas party this weekend (a tad early I know). And I am a little stressed about what I will wear. Here are a few things you should know... everyone at the party will be a doctor or spouse of a doctor except for us and A's three coworkers. It is a catered event. The kids are coming too so I have to be able to move around with them. I have gained some weight since the last time I dressed up like this so I don't feel great in any of my pants/skirts. So, I want to look appropriate and be comfortable. What do you think about these choices? I still have a few days so if they are all bad I still have a chance....
I will get a cami for under this one so it will be more modest
I ripped these tights when I was trying them on so I will be out getting some new ones
Sorry about the funny exposure on this one, it's late, kids are in bed, it's dark in here

Laundry room is progressing

We have been working hard on the house and working hard at work. No more than 3 days off together a month right now is a bit crazy. I am not even sure it is worth the $$ we are saving on daycare. I miss daycare days.
A has been working hard on the laundry room and I see real progress. Our laundry shoot is working again after being out of service for almost a year due to the major changes we have been making downstairs. The plumbing is in, the framing is done, the windows are new, the electrical is done, the laundry room is insulated, drywalled and painted, shelves and mudroom bench in progress. The hitch right now (besides finding time to work) is an area of dryrot in the main room downstairs. It is a lot and it is bad and it has to be replaced. One the laundry room is done I think many hours will be devoted to the wall repair before we move forward in that room. Oh well it has to be done!

Here is a real before of the now laundry room from before we bought the house

Here is the during from last week
Now the washer and dryer are in their final resting place hopefully never to move or be disconnected again for a very long time.
Stay tuned for updates on the paint colour for this room!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Song Lyric Sunday

I was blessed to be able to be in church this week for communion, this song came to mind.

Trust by the Smalltown Poets

so he sat behind his natural defenses
and there he wrestled with the song
he heard his name in every line,
his life in every measure
faced with feelings he could not explain

there was hunger in his hollow hesitation
there was posturing for peace
but even where the spirit willed
the flesh was still maintaining
ground to give only for a sign
and the call went out again

take this bread, drink this cup
know this price has pardoned you
from all that's hardened you
but it's going to take some trust

he lost a heartbeat when he heard the testimony
another soul forsaking pride
and quickened by the spirit
he's so sure that he could hear it
Jesus his Savior calling him to come

come every soul by sin oppressed
there's mercy with the Lord
and He will surely give you rest
by trusting in His word