Friday, January 22, 2010

I know no one else wants to see this...

But I know next year I will want to know how I decorated! So here is Christmas...

Each boy had one of these trees in their room. L had a different mini tree in her room.This is the advent calendar my mom bought for us. They loved it!
Here is my live arrangement I made at Ladies Time Out with the candles my mom gave me.
Here is my silver tray turned chalk board. I got the idea from the shabby nest
Somehow I didn't get a picture of the whole mantel, but here is half the decorations anyway. Note my supercute sconces and the "joy" hanging that I also made at LTO.


  1. The advent calender - what is it? Is it little bags with goodies inside? Can't quite tell from the photo but it looks cute!

  2. Yes, they are little bags, one for every day. We put 3 little chocolates in each day and it was way cheaper than buying a cardboard advent calendar, and of course reusable!