Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Before and Afters

Kitchen Edition. This is the townhouse kitchen. When we bought it the cupboards were in quite poor shape. They were an upgrade from the original cupboards, that were in all the other units but they were dated and sun damaged. The window in this kitchen was large and bright in the afternoon, so all the cupboard doors facing the window were peeling and badly in need of refinishing. The also had the lovely hardware in the middle of the doors that dated the whole kitchen terribly.
This was the first place we owned so I had big plans, and no idea how time consuming they would be. I also knew we would be living in the townhouse about 5 years (turned out to be 3) so resale value was a big factor.
I initially planned to strip and re-stain the cabinets a more modern walnut colour, but after a consultation with the paint store guy (who tried it on his own place and said it failed terribly after weeks of work), and my own sanding/striping efforts which took over 4 hours for one door, I decided to paint instead. I had R who was 10 months at the time and I wanted a finished kitchen sometime before he moved out of the house. I was still big on the wood look so I painted the cupboards brown. A few of my loved ones tried to talk me out of it, but I knew it would be right, and I loved the result.
We did a few structural-ish changes in the kitchen, including adding the microwave/hood fan combo, which was harder than you'd expect, and opening up the pass through to make a real window sized opening. Both involved altering cabinetry and of course, using power tools, so when I say "we" here I mean my lovely husband did it and I asked "How much longer?" at least 50 times while he slaved away. In the end I liked the new kitchen, even though I would have liked to change the counter out, etc. I guess it didn't matter much for resale as the new owner ripped it all out! A said it was ok, because we would have done that if we had the time/money, but I still feel a twinge when I think it is all gone.
In the end this update didn't cost much at all, paint for cupboards and walls (we used oil paint on the cupboards by the way and it held up very well), new hinges and handles, cheap subway tile backsplash, new laminate, and new dishwasher/stove/microwave. The appliances all came from coast wholesale appliance and they were cheap and worked great. Actually the microwave was top of the line, since I don't really cook (well) I thought that would get the most use! That's all, loved how it was just the right size and just so cute!

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