Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mantel Update

I first wrote about my fireplace mantel here, and I have slowly made some progress. This is the mantel as it stands today. Not quite sure, but I do think it is better... and my Mommy ok'd it and that means a lot.
The big silver box is my wedding pics so, although I know it is a bit big for the space, I really want a place for it in the living room. The middle thingy is a Russian Samovar that was my Great Grandmother's, and the coasters and the spoons (in the jar) were Grandma B's.
On the other side, almost everything is from a cheap-o store complete with fake patina, except the round wood box (my uncle made it, and it has american "state quarters" in it), the tin cigar boxes (a thoughtful gift from my friend Chantale), and the Pottery Barn books (they are new, but they weren't cheap, ha).
Anyway, Tips? Suggestions? General comments? I am not sure if I am happy enough to leave it and move on or not.... what do you think?
The next dilemma in this room is lighting. I would really like to have sconces over the fire, but what type and where exactly and does that affect my displays?


  1. Looks Fabulous Darling...You are amazing at decorating and such...Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks really good Jess! I wish that I could see it in person.

  3. Actually I think it looks worse in these pictures than in real life, I will have to keep playing with it. I am trying to get the refacing of the fireplace bumped up on the to do list, how hard can it be really?

  4. The black picture frames above the fireplace some how make the fireplace look more trendy in my opinion. Even if the resurfacing doesn't get done soon, I think it looks great as it is!

  5. I want to see your silver wedding box next time I'm over. :)