Friday, February 20, 2009

the answer (for my skin)

I always search and search to find "the answer" to different things in my life. When I find something that works I research it endlessly until I feel I know as much as I can then I move on to a new obsession. A while back, my sister introduced me to Paula Begoun books, and wow, this lady has answers! She calls herself the cosmetics cop she has website, cosmetics product line and lots of books. Well, really she has lots of editions of a few books. Basic premise: the cosmetics industry says whatever it wants, it can't really be held responsible, so it doesn't really act responsibly.
This lady researches thousands of products and rates them all, so you know what will actually help your skin (based on research), and what is not worth the money.
I could write a lot about what I learned from her books, but I am just going to say this, I love BHA. It helps improve your pore function and exfoliates, all that good stuff. Basically , I put it on the greasy parts of my face and they are less greasy, less likely to breakout and smoother too! The olay stuff in the picture is my current lotion that is running out, and the clearasil stuff is the new one I bought (for like $3). Both recommendations from the book, so great to see what is good BEFORE you buy it. The other thing I found through her is MAC cosmetics, so worth it!
Anyway, BHA is the answer for my skin. I won't buy anything without looking it up here first (I am always sorry if I don't). On to my next obsession....

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