Thursday, February 26, 2009

List of Links

Here is the requested list of where I get my inspiration on line.  I tried to explain a bit why I like the blog and where to click to see what I am talking about.  I broke it up by category so you can find what interests you.  So get comfy this is a lot of info!
As I don't really know how anything works on blogger....I will put a list here. When my Hubby has some free time, I will get him to help me make a bit of a side bar so you can see them more easily.

I was on a quest about 2 years ago to find out how to plan the most efficient wardrobe possible. Buy the least amount of clothes and be prepared for all situations. Here was what I found on that quest...

Space between my Peers From Rebecca I got the idea of a limited colour palette.  She does frugal, she does proportion, modesty, wardrobe planning.  Very interesting.  Oh, and check out her fashion labs, so great.
My Wardrobe Today and Wardrobe Oxygen Real life and practical.  I like her a lot!
You Look Fab Good summaries of current trends.
Insideout Style An Australian stylist, often has good insights.
Super Kawaii Mama Her style is just cool.  More feminine, and edgy than I care to be, but I adore her vintage stuff.

My favorite decorating blogs show real before and afters of real people's houses. I find them so much more inspiring then magazines.

Shabby Nest I have several of her projects that I am hoping to copy someday!  I especially love her boys room.
Nesting Place She is from NC!! And she says it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!
The Inspired Room Beautiful stuff.  This was one of the first design blogs I found.  Check out her drive bys.
The Lettered Cottage I could move in here.  Everything she does is wonderful.  And she stresses affordability.
House Obsession I love her kitchen!  Came here from the one below.
More Ways to Waste Time The title pretty much sums it up.  Check out her House Voyeur, and House in Progress sections.  This leans a bit more to the Apartment Therapy aesthetic, kinda mid century modern with a bit of vintage.

Although I do consider my main craft to be scrapbooking, I don't really read any scrapbooking blogs, I would rather do it than read about it. I do adore the quilting blogs though, wish I had a bit more talent with sewing- the things people can make with fabric are so great.

Simplify  Ok I admit it I wish I was Camille Roskelley sometimes.  She is so talented, I love her house, her boys are adorable, and I even wish I had her clothes.  Go look.  It will make you want to take up quilting!
Little Birdie Secrets All different types of crafty ideas here
Today's Creative Blog A great place to find other crafty blogs.
Chic'N'Scratch Stampin Up! stuff. Very cute.  She does video demos, love that.  And of course she has the cutest southern accent, which makes me nostalgic.  
Becky Higgins  She is a scrapbook celebrity, in case you didn't know.  I like her style, it is fun to check here every once and a while.

Recommended by Others Here is what my wonderful friends have recommended to me.  Some I have checked out more than others...

Fresh MD I think this is fun for the medical stories, and generally interesting
Ramblings of a Renovating Couple Notice how this site links to a couple of the sites I have up top! and to Katiedid - I an copying part of that kitchen too!

Mommy type sites, recommended to me but I haven't had much time to check them out....

365 Days of Exercise Inspired by the blog below this lady is blogging her every day resolution.  I find it inspiring.
A Year of Crockpotting Even though her year is up, the recipes are still there and they are good!
Bring the Rain Do Not Go Here unless you have lots of time and lots of kleenex.  She writes so well, I can't even tell you.  I was told  reading her thoughts on grief "is like therapy" by my friend after I told her to check this blog out.  If you do go here, start at the beginning and read through.  Her pain is so intense, but it is refreshing because there is no bitterness, it is so full of grace.  Amazing.

That's it, hope you find something you like, if you do, let me know!

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