Saturday, February 14, 2009

I love a bargain

It's inherited I guess, I love a bargain just like my Momma. And boy were these shoes a bargain. A few days ago A bought himself $11 shoes. He was pretty proud, they are black skate type shoes, not my favorite but fine considering the price and that he has ruined every other pair he owns (renovations!). So I went shopping the next day and found myself a deal. Try $6.71. That is a deal indeed. And I love them. They match a cute little purse I already own, and according to many sources this colour goes with everything! Oh and did I mention lines that go across the foot make narrow feet look less weird? Perfect! I plan on wearing them a lot in the future, especially when it warms up enough to go without socks!


  1. Cute...very cute...and under $10...whoa...that is great. I love the colour. I have wide feet so those wouldn't work for me, but they look great on ya. Thanks for the hug at church today...needed that :-)

  2. Those are some real cute shoes Jess! I can't wait for the day that I move back to the LMD and we can shop for all the bargains together.