Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kitchen Inspiration

All pics from before we owned this house

This house has a big kitchen. Really big. Not that great of a layout, but it has double the cupboards of our townhouse. Coincidentally the townhouse had double the cupboards of the apartment before it. Great you say, lots of counter space, lots of cupboards.
But really what it means is $$$. This kitchen is way too big to fit in the budget for immediate renos, even replacing the cupboard doors (all 26 of them) would break the bank. So I will live on with the grey striped laminate counters, the awkward setup and the terra cotta tile floor.
My dream would be white subway tile backsplash, corian countertops, white painted shaker style cabinets, stainless appliances and some vintage and fun touches.
Cote de Texas recently did a roundup of current kitchen trends and if you want to drool, go here to see them!
But my all time favorite kitchen ever is this one featured on More Ways to Waste Time. It is the vintage touches that get me, so beautiful, fun, everything a girl could want! In fact the paint colour in this kitchen strongly influenced me towards a cool wall colour for our kitchen, over the warm beigey colour I was considering.
For now I will have to settle for minor updates here, new backsplash, modern pulls and stainless stove have been promised me so I will wait for that. For now I will enjoy the space and the light that this kitchen has to offer.
Oh and I will post a picture of it in it's current state the next time it is clean!


  1. You know the only problem with Stainless steel is that it shows every single finger print!!! And you can't use magnets on them if the kids like that sort of toy, or you have notes.

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  3. I'd love to have a kitchen as big as yours! I think you've done some pretty fabulous things with it already but your dream kitchens are really nice too! Hey, you could always "renovate" like me - just hang a mirror/picture over it! LOL ;)

  4. I know about the stainless woes, but the black fridge is staying anyway. The stainless fridge is a dream.... but the stainless stove is definitely coming, soon I hope! Oh and I read if you put WD40 on stainless it won't show finger prints as much... haven't tried it yet.

  5. I envy your large kitchen ...mine as you know is a matchbox...it was a struggle to find room for my little expresso machine.