Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A little vintage

Here are some vintage treasures I haven't exactly found a home for yet...
These drawers were from a garage sale 2 summers ago, just drove by and they had so much great stuff, I love these, but I don't really know where they should live. I had them on top of the cupboard in the kitchen, but now they are on a shelf in my bedroom.
This fan was my great grandmother's. Love it. It used to be in the living room, but I put it in the ensuite at Christmas time, felt to chilly too see it out every day, but I love it.

And TADA... here are the cool crates I bought last week.

The antiques mall near my Dad's care home is going out of business and baby L and I stopped by there on our way to visit him last Friday. I was actually searching for kid sized chairs, but there weren't any. Since the place is going out of business there was a room for 25% off and a room for 50% off. These Pepsi beauties were in the 50% off room, so I got 2! My hubby loves Pepsi and Pepsi was "born" in North Carolina where I used to live, so that gives these crates special meaning. Ok, I have no home for them yet, but they are boxes people, I have junk so I know I can use boxes! If the price was a bit lower I would have bought more... I also saw wooden milk crates, and a turquoise kitchen scale that were beautiful, but above the budget. I think I will try to get to more antique places next Friday, this Friday is already scheduled, trailer hitch getting put on the mini van. I know my life is glamourous....


  1. Those look nice! And I still love your little box with all it's drawers. It has so much character!

  2. Pssstttt how much were the boxes...I should have a couple of those too. I love antique shopping. Great find. Love the boxes, the fan the drawers, and and and your style and sense of cool. Keep posting and sharing. :-0 me

  3. Red Barn Antiques in Cloverdale. $35 for 2 crates. They had all different kinds- a huge pile, the very cool milk crates were $65. But I could envision a whole wall of those, budget permitting of course!