Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Break

We don't have work schedules like everyone else. A and I both work shift work. Sometimes the weekend is Wednesday - Thursday. Sometimes the weekend is 4 days long. We usually work on the holidays (at least one of us). We have never been away for the May long weekend or labour day weekend but we do fun stuff when everyone else is at work. We also never go to the mall, grocery store or Costco on the weekends and strongly pity those of you who must.

Anyway, our random schedule has been tamed a bit by the big K - Kindergarten. Suddenly we are bound to the same schedule as everyone else. Yuck. But we also must acknowledge the holidays that everyone else observes and feel more compelled to take advantage of them.
even the Border Guard said these 2 look alike

So this Spring Break we took the oldest kid (R) to Birch Bay. Thanks to some free babysitting by both sets of Grandparents and free accommodation at the family trailer we were able to spend all our money shopping. We haven't been to Washington since the passport rule came in. We just got our passports for the first time ever, even though we lived in America for 3 years. Ahh back in the day.
Can you feel the wind chill from these shots?

Anyway, we visited Target (why can't we have Target here?), the outlets and US Costco (huge). Spent our money on spring and summer clothes for everyone and then relaxed the next day. It was freezing and windy but we still managed a walk on the beach. We also slept in sleeping bags and played games like pick up sticks and Skip bo. R thought he was the centre of the universe for 24 hours and had a great time. What more could a 5 year old want.

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