Thursday, April 8, 2010

They call it upcycling...

Upcycling is when you take something that is still useful but ugly and redo it instead of chucking it. I think this has always been going on but apparently it is now becoming trendy and green.

Here is the before of an ugly-ish yellow dresser (in the corner under all those tools) that we found in our house in the old workshop. It had a fake wood laminate top screwed onto it and it was nailed to the wall. Not sure if the previous owners left it because it was nailed down or because they thought it was ugly.
We weren't exactly sure if we were going to keep it so this is the best before picture I can find. When my hubby detached it from the wall he noticed that is was actually made of wood, with dovetail joints and all. It was decided then that we would keep it. It lived under the deck for over a year. Slowly my vision for the dresser became clear, especially after reading all about Holly's projects at Life in the Fun Lane. A bought a paint sprayer that can be used with our air compressor, I picked a pink that matches L's quilt. Finally, when we changed her to the big girl bed it was time to work on the dresser.

Here is that side of her room before: IKEA dresser/change table that has been through 3 babies, my Grandma B's mirror that I painted white, and toys, books and clothes stored all around.

Here is the after. The dresser was sprayed Odessa Pink (Benjamin Moore HC 59 ), the hardware is antique brass from Lee Valley Tools, the shelf is from IKEA (where else- Ekby Hensvik).

I know the white stereo is not that pretty but somebody needs it to go to sleep. Here is L messing with the dimmer switch on her light.
This suitcase belonged to A's Grandma (GG Nan) and I saved it from the garbage when we cleaned out her apartment for her move. I love it. It is filled with patchwork quilts made by my Great Grandma for us around the early 80's. And on top is a hand dyed wool blanket my Aunt made for me as a child.

Don't ya just love the inside? Beautiful.

The mirror that was Grandma B's got moved to this corner along with a peg rack. The peg rack was downstairs and I used it to practice using the paint sprayer. Now it can hold cute things like her new tutu or the dress my Great Grandma made for me that both L and I have worn.
Here's a close up of the shelf, toy baskets and teddys.

Under a thick layer of white paint the legs were really wood. A discovered this by removing them and sanding them one by one as he spun them on his drill. Pretty creative, huh? I used some old stain we had in the cupboard and gave them a light stain. I like how the brass at the bottom is similar to the handles and knobs.

A quick close up of the hardware. The top drawers had three routered lines in the middle so they got 2 knobs. The bottom drawers were flat so I used pretty cool pulls. I have to write little labels and put them in for the finishing touch.

There you go. A pretty pink dresser for a new big girl room.

I am going to try and add this to the Power of Paint Party over at Domestically Speaking. Hope it works.


  1. Looks very nice! Can't wait to see it in person! :)

  2. LOVE IT! Me thinks I may need to borrow said paint sprayer...I have MANY things that need a painting!

  3. Beautiful room... thanks for sharing at the POPP.

  4. Thanks everybody! I love how it turned out and I might paint a few more things while I am at it. Maybe the boys shelves and the living room furniture?