Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A new rug

Finally. I have been wanting to replace our living room rug at least since we moved into this house a year and a half ago. But I finally decided it was a priority at Christmas. It finally got purchased a few weeks ago when we had a babysitter for the afternoon.

We are new to the world of babysitters and I decided I really love the whole idea. Someone who is young, has lots of energy, a flexible schedule, enjoys being with the kids and thinks we are giving her a lot of money. Perfect. Slightly off topic but worth mentioning none the less.

Anyway we had a pretty big budget for the rug and decided to find something nice. After reading a bit too much Cote de Texas and Pure Style Home I decided seagrass was what I wanted. Durable, doesn't stain, looks natural and blends with the colour of our hardwood. See Lauren's post on choosing a rug here.
Sounds easy, but finding it has been another story. I looked around, considered ordering online, but never quite decided on anything. Flash forward to date afternoon in March... "Hey honey, let's just pop into the Urban Barn outlet, OK?" and with that the clouds parted and we saw the perfect rug.

We needed at least 8 x 10, this was 8 x 12. We wanted seagrass, sure enough seagrass. We wanted a reasonable price, this was... holy smokes a third of our budgeted amount. Sold. Get that thing in the car before anyone changes their mind.
Personally, I think it makes the Living room look bigger. It does indeed look good with the hardwood. And it is nice to walk on, not soft but more like the feeling your feet get in those sandals with all the little bumpy things in the soles. Someone please tell me they know what I am talking about....

Moving on. Our living room looks good except for one small-ish detail...
Yep, still waiting for a new sliding glass door. The guy comes to measure this week so it shouldn't be more than a month before we get a new slider. Nice.

Hey can you spy something new in the middle picture? More on that later.

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