Monday, April 5, 2010

10 + 3 Challenge

This is a quick update. I am counting the week Sunday to Saturday because that is how sparkpeople does it. So last week here is how it went....

water - tick. I did indeed drink more water, as I said before this is not the hard part for me.

food journaling - X Not so good. In fact I didn't even start. We were away for a few days and crazy for the rest so it just didn't happen. But hey, I have already started to record today's food.

exercise - I didn't quite make 5 times last week. I did 4 days of Kettlebells and fully explored my new video. I love it and can't wait to workout when the munchykins go to bed tonight.

There was a good reason I only got 4 days in, though. A bad cold (that I suspect is RSV) has overtaken the children, and as of today, A as well. I am not sick (yet) but I did spend 3 evenings contemplating taking one or the other of my asthma kids to Emerg for terrible croupy coughing fits. So you see I couldn't just go and get sweaty then shower when I was busy listening to coughs and taking kids out in the cold in their PJ's. I am, however, quite pleased with my 4 exercise nights as I probably would have only done 2 if I weren't trying to meet a goal.

There ya go. Start on the food journaling and try for the full 5 days of exercise are on teh agenda for next week.

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