Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An accent

I always hear on the decorating shows that you should have a neutral backdrop and change things up with accent colours. About every show on HGTV could claim that as a quote. Well, our beige, brown and tan living room qualifies as neutral for sure. I have had quite a few colours in the living room on and off since we moved here but it never seemed perfect.
Then I read that the colour of the year was going to be turquoise. Later, I found the huge candlesticks that are on the mantel and decided to go for it.
I think the turquoise looks good with all the brown and makes the teak roll top desk look fabulous. It also looks great with grey, which is the neutral I am moving towards.
So I have been picking things up here and there to play up the theme. By the way, here and there really means at Superstore and HomeSense.
It is hard to have pretty things in your house if you have monkeys and you actually let them in the living room. Now that we have a playroom I have considered banishing them to the basement permanently, then reconsidered. Instead I chose only non breakable turquoise things, like this melamine bowl and serving plate. A insists they should have something in them. I am working on it. Any non breakable suggestions?

And this last little tin was printed with a very busy winter scene. A bought flavoured popcorn from some fundraising kids that came to our door. It is huge so I saved it and painted it with gesso then craft paint and used a rub on to make the label. It turned out a bit bright, but I like it inside the cabinet. It looks just right behind the glass doors.
So, what colours do you have going on at your house? And have you ever heard of the blog House of Turquoise? So great. It is my inspiration now that Turquoise is my new best friend.


  1. No. I think the shape came off one page of something I got a Clipper St a long time ago and the letters were from an alphabet pack I got at Michaels. Mix and Match you know.