Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 + 3 Challenge update

As of Sunday (I am posting late because I was working night shift) I now declare this to be the 5+3 challenge. Things are moving in the right direction. Again I met all my goals for exercising, water drinking, food journaling. I also am noticing a resurgence of muscles, I like that.
But, I am finding issues with my diet that I didn't know were there. I am planning on tackling a few of those this week. More veggies are in order. It is just so darn much work to wash and chop and chew, and I am lazy. But I am trying to do it this week and thanks to Costco I have a few things already chopped up. The rest of this is pretty much to help me remember what my plan is from here on out so feel free to stop reading if you like ;^) I am finding it easy to stay pretty low on my calories and am remarkably consistent even without really trying. This is good except I think my body is content here and not super responsive, considering the exercise I have been doing. I pretty much proved that this week as I upped my calories and lost the same. I am going to try calorie cycling this week and see how I like it.
I would also like to do a week where I only do the Tabata Protocol for exercise. I would like to do 6 minutes 6 days and nothing else, and just see how it goes. It isn't going to work this week with our schedule, but I will keep it in mind for later.
That's it for this week.

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