Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Goals

Jen @priorfatgirl is doing a 10 + 3 action plan. That is, she gained 13 pounds recently and she is working to get it off. The challenge is 3 part: drink water , journal food intake at least 5 days a week, exercise 5 days a week.

I also have 13 lbs to lose to reach my pre prego weight. I joined sparkpeople a while back and for the first week or so recorded my food intake and ate pretty well I might add. I also record my water intake and exercise there.

But really I have lost interest in the food journaling, why? Because I don't really want to write it down if I am having bad snacks. In general I eat well, good healthy food. It is just the snacking that gets me. Afternoon boredom, evening reward for a tough day, not out of hunger. So I don't write it down if I haven't been perfect. Gotta stop, be honest and record it.

Water is pretty easy, I like it, I generally choose it first. I have a Britta filter jug in the fridge and a water bottle for work. Can I just mention that I love the ice machine at work? Almost worth being a patient just to get the ice cold water. I am easy to please, ok? But when I started recording my water intake on sparkpeople (did I mention it is free to sign up?) I noticed that unless I push myself I usually only drink 5 glasses of water a day, sometimes 6. That was a bit of a shock since I consider myself a water drinker. I have been fairly faithful in recording my water intake so I will just keep it up and try to be conscious of drinking more.

Cute little Kettlebell monkeys

Then comes the exercise. I really do like to exercise so it is not too hard to incorporate it but it is a matter of timing. I have consistently recorded my kettlebell workouts and walking with the family on sparkpeople and I have to admit I love looking at the graph of how much I have done. Kinda nerdy, huh?

Also, I just treated myself to the second volume of Lauren Brooks' Ultimate Kettlebell workout. The new video has 2 shorter workouts (about 20-25 mins) with some add on sections. The first video has a 12 min workout and a 40 min workout. So that is 4 choices for me besides something less intense like a long walk with the kids. I am fine with some lower intensity workouts as long as I get at least 3 good Kettlebell workouts in. Those workouts burn up the calories.

Guess I should actually get a scale if I want to measure progress. But I have never owned one so I think, why start now? In the past I have weighed myself at work and at Rosalin's house so maybe that's what I will do for a start. The main point is bringing uniformity to my life. Acting healthy because I value health. Money where your mouth is kinda thing. The numbers are secondary.

There ya go. This is the new plan.

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  1. Hey there...if you ever need a workout buddy let me know. I need to get back to it...I miss it. Not to lose weight, because I'm good there, but because I feel WEAK! SOOOO weak!

    You can weigh yourself on your Wii. It might not be as accurate as a hospital scale, but it is at least accurate to itself if you use it regularly.

    Food journaling...GOOD TECHNIQUE! I did weight watchers a few years back-it worked awesome for me...taught me so much about WHAT I was eating and what it was made up of! Anyway, I had to write stuff down for that. WHAT a shocker to see what I was REALLY eating. No wonder I weighed 50 pounds more than I do now when I moved here! I was eating crap!

    I'm going to try that sparkpeople. Gotta start writing down the crap again...the sweets are getting me lately.