Saturday, April 10, 2010

10 + 3 Challenge

Update for this week.

Water - Improved. I had at least 5 glasses every day. Yeah for water.

Food Journaling - Good. I recorded 6 days out of 7. It is a pain but I am snacking less so I guess it's working. Also, I need to focus on more fruits and veggies for next week.

Exercise - 5 days done! As per my initial goals I did 3 K-bell workouts (hard ones I might add), and walking/yard work on 4 days. Because I sometimes did both in one day, it equals 5 days of exercise. I don't know my schedule for next week- no work pre booked - so I am going to plan it the same as this week and work around what ever happens.

It feels good to say I accomplished all my goals for the week.

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