Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Worldly Baby Shower

In October I helped host a baby shower for a family friend. But, the baby is still in the belly so no cute baby pictures today. Just some pictures of a fun party.

One of the ideas for the shower was to make it as green and earth friendly as possible as to honour the Mom to be and her personal philosophies. We decided on a theme of Welcome to our World.
The invites were made using old maps from outdated map books and most of the decorations were too. We used cloth napkins and real dishes, which is actually kinda nice.
Map pinwheels and map hearts. All ideas courtesy of, you guessed it, pinterest!
My sis decorated the cake with marshmellow fondant and it was delish as well as geographically accurate.

The food was internationally themed and almost all made from scratch by my sister and my Mom.
Cool idea for the cabbage dip bowl from pinterest (where else?).
And when all was said and done the new Momma had a house full of baby things and I had these beauties left over.
More than a week later my house is still filled with flowers. Lovely.