Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pinspiration- Ear Warmer

My poor sewing machine has been so neglected since I had kids. It spends most of its time in the original box encased in the original styrofoam, living under the stairs. Sad, I know. But this month I pulled it out and gave it some love.
I resisted the urge to photoshop out my forehead lines and under eye circles

What could have possibly prompted this, you ask? The threat of snow. "It's supposed to snow tomorrow." said the hubby on Sunday. Immediately, I remembered a cute ear warmer I had seen on pinterest, with a link to a tutorial.
I already had a plain grey fleece scarf that I had sent to the sewing box to be used as scraps. So I was all set.
Throw in a button I had lying around that belonged to one of L's outfits she has long since grown out of, and were done. Oh, except the flowers. They were free hand cut and hand sewn slightly off to the side using the scarf scraps. It was a very easy project. I didn't have to re-do anything, not one step. This in itself is a major victory for me!
back, I made 2 button holes in case it stretches

Yay for pinterest inspiration (pinspiration)! And it really did keep me warm in the snow/slush on Monday.

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