Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Art Display Solutions

The other day I showed you how I found a place for the many art projects that L makes. But the boys have twice as much. They often entertain themselves by drawing or cutting or making books just for fun.

Recently, R made tickets for everyone to come to his martial arts class. He doesn't actually take martial arts, it was just a made up class that he made up tickets for. The tickets were so detailed they had all of our full names on them, including middle names! He does things like this all the time, but then he never wants to get rid of these little scraps and drawings.

Then I saw this on pinterest. Um, cute!
Way back in September I stained some new yardsticks to make them look less, well, new. I also painted up some clothes pegs then asked A to work his magic. He can figure anything out!
A few minutes with drill and here it is. R gets the top row and K gets the bottom. I told them they can keep anything they want as long as it fits in their clips.
Can you see how many things are in each of R's clips? Yep. Never wants to get rid of anything. But now my fridge can relax and these can take over!

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  1. I love it! This is awesome. Definitely want to do this for C's room!