Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween crafts

I love dressing my kids up and they love getting dressed up. They think you should wear a costume for your birthday, and they usually do. Making these dress up accessories for Halloween was tons of fun for me and the kids appreciate it so much and it doesn't have to be perfect.
Obviously the major creation was the LEGO block. I saw the idea on Pinterest, showed Mr.K and that was it, he was all for it! I ate a lot of yogurt after we decided on his costume, and we collected a few cardboard boxes from Costco and from A's work. The trick was making it so he could still sit down. A's is amazing at things like this, so he thought about it, then when I was at work he constructed this masterpiece:

The box we used in the end was from work, maybe a box for chest tubes or something. Before he built it, I had written the word LEGO on each container with a glue gun for a more authentic touch. Then he cut out holes for each yogurt container and secured them inside. We used green duct tape to seal the edges, then came spray paint:

Green is K's favorite colour so I bought a green shirt and pants for super cheap then bought the spray paint to be close to the same colour. The hat has a label on it that says LEGO in the lego font. Yes, I just happened to have the lego font on my computer, ok? Anyway, I made the hat because although the costume was cool, it didn't have many accessories and he was feeling left out. About 5 minutes of work on the hat and that issues was solved. He also felt pretty cool when all the teeneagers loved his costume, and one mom offered to buy it off us:)
Next up was Indiana Jones and his various accessories. The hat and whip were borrowed, thanks Jo! The clothes were ones we had around the house, the colours aren't perfect but the styles match and R didn't care. The main picture on every Indiana Jones video game cover is that of Indie carrying a golden "idol" that he gets by switching it with a bag of sand. That's the scene right before the giant boulder starts rolling after him if you have seen the movie. Well our Indie had a leather bag (my purse) and a leather journal inside (that we labeled with 'Archeology'), but an idol and bag of sand were needed.
I bought a styrofoam ball at Michaels and A shaped it with paper mache. Here is a bad iphone pic I took on my way to work that morning:

Then R and I painted it, I put some steel cut oatmeal in a bag I made out of a drop cloth, and that was it!
He carried the idol the whole time!

I wish I had made something cute for Sleeping Beauty too, but I didn't. Call it Third Child Syndrome. She wanted to be a princess and this non-licenced costume was cheap from Costco. I did braid up her hair cute, and 'hem' the dress up with safety pins so she could walk. She didn't mind though, just look at that smile:
That's it for this year with my cuties and their imaginations!

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