Wednesday, November 16, 2011


What I Wore Wednesday returns to walking the rocks this week. Check out Lindsay at the Pleated Poppy as always. (for some reason can't link to the post right now...)

I have been trying to draw inspiration for many places when I get dressed these days. Pinterest is a big one.
This picture of multiple necklaces looked great to me, so I tried it out.
anniversary gift from my hubby (way back, year 2 I think)
hand me down from A's grandma
plain chain with my grandma's engagement ring

And paired it with a plain navy tunic , jeans and boots. It's boots almost every day now that the fall has begun.
navy tunic: Reitmans
grey tank and jeans: Pure at Zellers
grey boots: Old Navy

Another inspiration is the J Crew catalogue. Here is mustard yellow under navy polkadots.
Just so happens that I have a mustard henely and a navy polkadot t.
Easy peasy, and a bit cuter than just a t and jeans.
mustard henley: H&M
polkadot T: Joe Fresh
jeans: Pure at Zellers
shoes: slippers in this picture
but I really wore grey city flats from Gap

The only problem with the J Crew catalogue? (Ok, besides price and the fact that the nearest store is in another country) I totally want to dress like the kids more than the adults! They are so darn cute and not over the top 'styled' I guess.
That's it for today!

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