Monday, March 8, 2010

inspiration pictures

I think one reason I really love the internet is because I am such a visual person. If I put important papers in a drawer they cease to exist for me (no object permanence I guess). I can't think if my house is messy. Those two traits don't go so well together - having to have everything out but having to have everything neat. It is a fine line I tell you. Anyway, I say I love to read blogs, but really I mean I love to look at pretty pictures. I am particularly drawn to this all white houses with slipcovers and punches of colour, vintage finds and homeowners who insist the white couch is so easy to care for event though they have kids and pets. My beige slipcover has dirt, stains and pen on it so I can only imagine how white would fair at my house.

Anyway, one such blog is Velvet and Linen by Brooke Giannetti. She has fabulous style and her house pictures show a beautiful house that is a bit more feminine than my own taste but jaw droppingly gorgeous none the less. But recently she posted new pictures of her home that has been restyled to suit her current taste and that of her husband. It is still beautiful but a bit more neutral and less feminine. I love it. Love it.

Here is a picture of her kitchen. See the whole thing here. The original version had more green and pink and floral fabric under the sink. See it here along with the rest of her home before. Yep, those are the befores! Pop around her site to see the other updates they have made.
Anyway I was inspired by this current incarnation of her kitchen to redo my own open shelves. I keep thinking my kitchen is not done, needs hardware and a new floor. But the truth is it isn't too bad, and I should enjoy it right now. So I am. I enjoyed a whole morning of rearranging.

this is the before


and after

It is not exactly like Brooke's kitchen but let's be serious, it was never going to be. But it is a better version of my kitchen using the white, glass and silver I already had and adding some wood elements for contrast and warmth.

It makes me want to put up linen drapes :^)

What do you think? Anything being rearranged at your house?


  1. Love the new header pic Jess! We're rearranging tonight... around a 52" tv! All our white couch slipcovers went in the wash yesterday and will go back on tomorrow looking fresh and crisp!! Oxy Clean and detergent is my secret. Love white!!

  2. I took your advice and re did the top. I hope you can see the post when you first click over here like you suggested. And yes, that is one of my all time favorite pics!