Monday, March 15, 2010

welcome mat

A few weeks ago when I went to Superstore I found I didn't have a loonie. Just in case you don't know - you need a dollar to get a grocery cart at this particular store. Annoying. Especially since my trusty loonie (that lives in the van) was kindly given away to a poor stranger who found herself in the same predicament the week before. That'll teach me for being generous.

Anyway, I was lugging around a basket heading towards the conditioner aisle when I saw it - a beautiful door mat for $12.99. Since my slightly rusty metal mat was left by the previous owners and my mom had mentioned it a time or two, I thought a new mat was a great idea.
Except it was heavy.
And I only had a basket.
Oh well, next time for sure.

Next time I went to Superstore I was at a different location and they only had not so pretty mats left, so I bought one for the carport door to catch the pine needles. It works great. It was actually only $10. I thought it was a great deal.

Then just last week I was shopping again, this time with a replacement loonie when I found myself back at the original store. And yes, they still had a ton of mats!! I scooped up a little one for the deck and a pretty one for the front door - yeah!

All was looking good, the little mat rang in at $4. Perfect. Then the big one- the pretty one - my find. "Uhh, Ma'am? This mat is scanning for $59.99. Do you still want it?" But the tag says 13 bucks?
"You can just go to customer service on your way out and buy it at the proper price." Ya, thanks, dude. Just what I want after a long shopping trip, to stand in one more line. But I really like the mat so I go through the line and discover their price adjustment policy. That is if they have to adjust the price for you then they give you $5 off or something ridiculous like that. So in the end my much sought after rug was actually paid for with a 5 dollar bill. And I got change! And it is cute!

Now the metal mat is upstairs on our little front balcony. Everybody wins!
Don't you feel welcome just looking at it?


  1. Wow, if you read that whole rambling post you deserve a reward! Maybe Starbucks if we ever work together again!

  2. Are you kidding me? I HAD to read the whole thing to find out if you got the mat you wanted AND if you got it at the ticketed price! Gripping stuff! :P