Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I am starting to discover that I really like pattern. I have exactly 4 pieces of clothing that are patterned. That's it. But wow can pattern spice up a place.
Sometimes it takes me a while to catch on to these sorts of things!This is the new spice in my living room after a quick grocery stop this morning (while one kid was at Kindergarten and the other 2 were in tow). I know the first pillow isn't very exciting, but the second one is way bold for me.
As always it was cheap, $6.99 a pillow. And I know what my hubby will say "Great, more throw pillows. Just what we needed around here." But I don't care because it looks so cute! Makes me feel like I am living in a Pottery Barn catalogue. Except for the pen, yogurt, and dirt on the couch! And then there's the fact that the furniture actually came from IKEA. Otherwise, totally Pottery Barn.

**He actually just walked in and said "Good. Pillows. I like pillows." in a very sarcastic tone.**

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