Saturday, March 6, 2010

the bed

Bedroom before

Remember a while ago when I was lamenting our boring master bedroom? I decided to use some Christmas money to buy a real bed for our hand-me-down real mattress that we got after ten years of sleeping almost on the floor on an ikea bed.

this is our old bed in our old house
Well after checking out Urban Barn, Costco and Maynard's I was resigned to the price tag of $500-$800. And was just deciding if I should get one that looked "nice enough" or wait for my dream bed. As an aside, I didn't really know what my dream bed was but was certain I would know it when I saw it.

In the midst of this I got a phone call from my Mom (love ya Mummy) saying her friend's s-i-l was getting rid of a bed frame, it was free did we want it. Uh, yup. Bring it on over. They brought it by a few days later and I was trying so hard not to get too excited in case I would be disappointed. But there was no need to fear. This is what my dream bed looks like!

It needed a bit of work- cleaning, and the headboard wasn't attached, it was a double (did I mention our mattress is a queen?), and there were no side rails. But nothing a bit of elbow grease, a smart hubby, an old bed frame to rip apart and an entire day of work couldn't solve. Did I mention 5 trips to Home Depot? And 5 trips to Home Depot. No worries. A is a master at making things work. And it was free after all, it is certainly worth a little work!

A at work scrapping old glue off

K and L helping, see all the play tools scattered about?

These two parts weren't actually attached.
He had to glue and screw the headboard onto the frame.

Yep it is beautiful. See the wood detail and the curved legs.

And here it is.

I am thinking a bit higher side tables and sconces on either side of the bed for reading. But it is feeling much more finished in here already! It is a real grown up bedroom!

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