Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back with a bedroom update

Holy smokes I have been gone from the blog for a month! I think it was the combo of Thanksgiving at our house, then a 3 day course for me, then a 41 person potluck (at our house), and the little ones having a respiratory virus for 3 weeks overlapping with a stomach virus (which they shared with me) for 2 weeks. Then we had Halloween with 1 completely homemade costume and one partially homemade. So yeah, I have been doing stuff but it hasn't been pretty enough to blog, let alone having the time...

Glad that's over with. Now on to the fun stuff. The basement is coming along so fast, I am very excited. My hubby is the most amazing handyman ever. He has created the mantel, built-ins and paneling all from pictures I drew, and all while holding down his full time job and taking a course by correspondence for work. The basement pictures will have to wait but the master bedroom has been progressing as well.

The first thing I did was to hang all my necklaces where I can see them at one glance. I am super visual so out of sight really does mean out of mind. I find I am more likely to wear a necklace in the summer when layering is less of an option, but in the winter I feel like there is lots going on with cardigans and scarves and all. So this has helped me a bit.

Remember I showed you a while back how my mom displays her jewelry? Another visual thinker. So this is basically the same idea just more one dimensional.

It is a very fancy arrangement of 8 hooks - 2 packs of Blecka hooks from IKEA - $6.99 for 4. And don't look too close because it is not totally straight. Yes. This is a project I took on myself with minimal help from the hubby. So the third hook doesn't quite line up. I said don't look! He makes it look so easy ... measure, drill, bam your done. But it is kinda tricky, I even used a level. Since it is located behind our bedroom door I can overlook the imperfection.
I have seen this idea around lots of places but Lauren from Pure Style Home has a beautiful arrangement in her bedroom and it looks great. I love how her rooms are very collected and personal looking, and of course beautiful.

So there are a few more bedroom updates coming up in the next few days. Now I am going to go pick a necklace for tonight!

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