Friday, November 12, 2010

The boys room and a LEGO solution

I have shown many pictures of my little girl's room and only a few of the boys' room. It is true that her room is cuter and she is young enough that I can pretty much do what ever I want in there.

But there is another reason the boys room is photographed less. In a word: LEGO. All of it lives in there room because they started acquiring LEGO while Laine was a baby. To prevent any unfortunate choking incidents we limited LEGO to their room and when they played with it we simply shut their door. Worked great, as evidenced by the fact that Laine is breathing even to this day.

But as the LEGO piled up we needed an organization system. We sorted all the pieces by colour which is great! But the bucket of guys, ahem, I mean minifigs was constantly getting dumped on the floor. Some creative minds like to build different guys every day apparently. So here is what I came up with...

It was a mini loaf pan initially but was rusting as the coating peeled. I decided it wasn't fit for the kitchen any more but wow it's great for minifigures! Heads, bodies, legs, hats, accessories, weapons and full guys each have their own spot. It makes for much less dumping all over the floor.

And lastly here are some pictures of their room on a rare day when it was clean...

There is just something about twin beds. Ahh.

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