Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What I wore - vacation edition

Because we have been in and out over the last 2 weeks I have missed 'what I wore wednesday' over at the Pleated Poppy. But here are a few of my outfits some from home and some from 2 of our 3 mini trips.

The camping trip saw me in things that were a bit too big, or had stains, or generally things I wouldn't be concerned to see smeared with marshmallows! But for the next 2 trips I chose navy, grey and turquoise as a sort of capsule wardrobe - see last 2 outfits. The green stuff was from the days between trips.

one of the first hot days this year:
Navy dress - Superstore (Joe Fresh Clothing)
White sports bra
Tan leather flip flops - Clarks
Navy flower clip - by me (trying to be Lindsey)

This dress is great over my turquoise bathing suit too. So cool. I bought it a few months ago anticipating a hot summer which has just recently arrived.
One of the days we were running around and packing it was a bit cloudy:
Green tank - Gap
Jeans - Gap curvy fit
Tan leather flip flops - Clarks
Necklace - my latest creation, green and blue stones from Michaels

Day at the park with friends:
Green top - Roxy (bought at an outlet way back when we lived in NC)
brown jersey skirt - old navy
tan leather flip flops - Clarks
white legs that my friend Lesley said couldn't be any whiter!

On Lainey - dress - Carter's, sandals - Superstore

At the trailer....

It was hot and we were in and out of our bathing suits. For the drive down I wore:
Jean skirt - Reitmans (with the nice stretch waistband)
grey tank - Old Navy
grey filp flops - Old Navy
Another day of beach then pool. Wore this in between wearing my bathing suit:
short sleeved hoodie - Reitman's (it has great embroidery on the back)
white ruffle tank - Gap ( it does have a ruffle around the neck and arms, just can't see it here)
Jean shorts - Reitman's last year
Tan leather flip flops - Clarks

The rest of my travel wardrobe included one pair of jeans I never wore, one aqua tank, one turquoise ruffle tank, a grey cardigan, and a navy t shirt, my turquoise bathing suit and swim shorts and the navy dress from the top of this post. It worked great and saw me through 2 locations and situations from the beach, to the boat, to shopping, to biking and frisbee with the kids.
It was nice and warm, and never even hinted at rain (amazing for this neck of the woods) so that helped me pack lighter than normal. But the whole capsule wardrobe thing was a great way to pack lighter. Our car was pretty stuffed, and I brought a bit less clothing than my hubby which is amazing! But I felt very prepared. I will definitely do the capsule thing again.

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  1. Love the turquoise beads and I have the same camera!

  2. Nice necklaces. I need to wear jewelry...

  3. Is the Reitman's short sleeved hoody from this year? I've been looking for one.

  4. Love the gray tank from Old Navy too cute!

  5. Yep Stacy, it's this year... it came in white and something else too...can't remember, but I think it was petite.