Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A bench 3 ways


We inherited this bench from my mom when we moved to this house. Finally we had some room to take all the furniture she offers us. For instance, she has a queen sized bed in garage and a loveseat in her crawl space just waiting for our basement to be finished.

This bench was given to my mom by, I think, one of her aunts. It is beautiful and pretty comfy too. For a long time it had been covered with a tapestry and has moved around her living or family room in various furniture configurations. I remember that the tapestry used to be on the wall then my parents used it to cover the bench, but I can't remember when that was. Suffice to say it had been there a while.

Best picture I could find of it!
This is my oldest as a Mickey D's drive thru guy a few years ago.
Then we got it to our new house, my in laws lent us their pneumatic nail gun, I bought way too much fabric that was a little too yellow/gold and we recovered it. It was easy. Like 15 minutes easy. And it suited the less traditional style of my house.
look at my baby, she was so bald

Then someone wiped their nose, or drooled or something on the side of it and it had a stain. And it was always too yellow anyway. So I wanted to recover it, again. But since I haven't sewed in a few years, I try not to go into the fabric store. You know, it is so hard to resist the cute fabric and I know I am not going to be sewing so it seems like a big waste of $$.

Anyway, back to the bench. I found a very neutral, taupe cotton in my fabric stash. I think I bought it before we had kids! I thought I would just lay it on to see how it looked.
And I think it turned out quite nicely. No pneumatic staple gun involved, I just tucked it in. That means the next time a stain crops up I can just wash it. It stays very tight because I tucked it in under the cushion. I know in these pics the 2nd and 3rd fabric look similar, but in reality it suits my grey couch MUCH better. I love free makeovers.

But I am considering redoing it again in a pattern. It is easy to change after all ;^)

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