Friday, July 23, 2010

new old scale

A while back I showed a little glimpse of this scale.

I have been wanting a chippy old hanging scale for the corner at the top of our stairs since we moved in. There is a hook in the ceiling there for a plant. I do NOT have a green thumb. A plant was out of the question for that particular spot. But, it looks very bare with nothing.

So, I looked on etsy and a bit on ebay for a hanging scale. They were out there, but I was too lazy to order it and pay the shipping. Then a while back I found it for a reasonable price (with no shipping!) at the Cloverdale Antiques Mall. Thanks to a little left over chain that my father in law had lying around it now hangs at the perfect height. Out of kid reach but still near eye level. My father in law has lots of useful things lying around!
And hey, look Mom, I covered that weird gaping hole in my kitchen cupboards with a homemade grainsack so you can't see the recycling from the front door anymore. It just took 2 years!

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