Friday, July 2, 2010

Not so Pretty

One of the reasons I tend towards discontentment with the house is that our reno in the basement is dragging on and on and on. My loving husband is in the basement right now working on drywall. Still. I crave the finished room. I dream about how we will decorate it and what colour we will paint it. I LOVE before and afters.

But, that is not where we are at. A huge amount of time and money has gone to finish the not so pretty things like the plumbing, the electrical, replacing rotted studs, mountains of stupid drywall.
Very expensive new electrical panel
new plumbing for laundry and the new full bathroom
But it is all a part of the best part of this house. This house is safe and gives my little family shelter. I don't know why I am suddenly so reflective. It is definitely not my nature. But I want to acknowledge that the not so pretty things are important too. I am glad to have them.

I also now know if you are trying to decide on a lucrative career consider becoming a plumber or electrician. A little inside tip from me to you. That and bribe your friends to help you demo, it saves a lot on the plumbing bill.

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