Sunday, July 11, 2010

Choices, choices

I need your opinion. Really, please. The dilemma is as follows:

We got a new rug, a new slipcover for the couch, painted the fireplace and mantel, and rearranged some accessories. Great.
But remember I said I like to change throw pillows often? Really often? The pillows I have are light and muted. The top colour is the new couch cushion. Then there is a lighter grey pillow (in the next pic), brown and two barely turquoise/light blue patterned pillows. But they are very light and muted.Then I found this fabric in my stash downstairs. It is bright and punchy and fun. The white with the stripes is a grainsack tea towel from IKEA that I painted to make striped. Cute right? The top colour is again the couch and the light grey pillows on the left will stay with either scheme.So here is the deal, I want to change everything up. I think it might be because I am avoiding other things I need to do. And I was thinking, by the time I actually sew this into pillows, will it be fall and will I be craving muted colours again? Do the bright colours look ok with the grey? Do the fabrics look good with each other? Should I just stay with the pillows in the top picture? So what do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I think they look great! I also like the pillows in the top, you can send them my way! :) I LOVE the tea towel one...I think it is awesome. I think the one with the dots goes better with the tea towel one and they both go well with the couch.