Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lights Reinvented

We have been slowly working on the master bedroom. Of all the renos and projects going on around here the bedroom is low on the list of priorities. A while back we got a great bed for free and it looks stunning. The rest of the room... well a bit boring.
One problem with the bed is how high it is. As I mentioned before we had an IKEA bed for most of the last 10 years and it was about a foot off the ground. The new bed is higher and to top it off has a mattress and box spring making it even higher.

So now I have to lift the kids into bed in the morning and lean way down to our bedside tables. The kids will get bigger so I am not worried about that, but the beside tables have to go. I don't know what we will replace them with yet, but whatever it is I think I might spray paint it blue. What do you think?
Anyway, the point of this particular post is the lights. We needed some reading lights and I was hoping for sconces. I knew, because we have recently had so much electrical work done, that they were going to be plug in sconces.

And where does one go if they want cheap lighting? IKEA. Well, they have cheap everything actually. As evidenced by the rest of our house. We looked at IKEA and decided we couldn't decide. There were lots of options, but nothing stood out. The sconces I had in mind were out of stock. So we left it. The next week we were having a garage sale and my in-laws brought over some stuff to sell. What was on top of their pile? IKEA plug in sconces!
Perfect, they just need a little something.... I actually like the wood but I don't really want other wood tones in this room as I want the bed to be the star. So, take off the glass, paint the wood/cork top, reassemble them, plug them in and voila!
Now we have reading lamps that look simple, silver and white. We have more room on our bedside tables. And with hand me down sconces and left over spray paint they were definitely the right price.

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