Monday, June 21, 2010

More Jewelry Fun

I have been wearing a lot of grey lately. I was in love with grey a few years ago, then it switched to navy, then brown. Can you tell I love neutrals? When grey started to get popular for clothing a little while back, I was still too close to last grey phase to be into it.

But now I have over done brown in my wardrobe and I am tired of it. Grey is looking fresh to me and is rising in popularity in my wardrobe once again. So for my next beaded creation I made a nice chunky grey necklace.
I was loosely inspired by an Anthropologie necklace. It is beautiful and I love the colours, the chunkiness, but not really the price. Yikes.

My version took only a few minutes and cost less than $10. The length is just perfect and I like the way the beads are kind of see through.

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