Thursday, June 17, 2010


I got some jewelry making pliers and such for my birthday from my sister (cough, last year, ahem) and a Michaels gift card from my in-laws this year.

I was inspired by a necklace knock off I saw on a site called Lemon Tree Creations. I thought I could easily make it, and that is what started this all off.

The inspiration
In the last 3 weeks I have made 4 cute little necklaces and I have a few more ideas brewing. Here is the necklace that started it all....

The real reason I decided to try making my own necklaces is because I can't seem to find anything quite my taste in the stores I can afford to shop in.

I like those long chains on other people but on me they just settle around one side of my chest (not a great look) and then get into everything when I bend over. The very dainty feminine pieces aren't really me. I don't really go for super oversized chunky things either, so that eliminates most choices out there right now.

But I decided little miss L is big enough (and girlie enough) not to rip things off my neck, and I could use a little something extra in my outfits. Even this necklace that I made is smaller and shorted and simpler than the one it is copying.

It is pretty cheap and pretty fun and just pretty so expect to see more creations soon.

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