Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a view from the outside

I was very seriously considering posting something for Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy for what i wore wednesday. There were two problems.

First my outfits are all the same, just different coloured t shirts with a wide assortment of 3 different pairs of jeans. I actually own 6 pairs of jeans (and 2 pairs of trouser jeans, do those count too?) but they are 3 styles each repeated twice. I am so very boring.

Oh. The second problem was that all my pics turned out something like this...
You get the idea. Must find a more inspired wardrobe and a full length mirror in a (well lit) room the kids can't get into. But feel free to go over there and see what everyone else wore.

So instead, I will do Before and After outdoor edition!

The playhouse. I am still very excited about how the side of our yard went from this...
to this!
And the kids are still excited too. They are playing out there right now!

Then the front of the house...

...with a painted front door, shutters removed, new window$, and a few new plants. Revising that planter is on the books for next year. I know I said that last year, but I really mean it this time. We are also talking about that giant tree in the front.

The tree is cool, but it was massacred by Hydro not that long ago and feels as if it might fall on our roof every time it's windy. We would hate to see it go but we are considering it. And as I have mentioned before the railing on the little balcony drives me crazy but it is pretty low on the list... oh well. We'll get there.

And these are really just after pics of our planters on the back deck. They came with the house and were just dirt before this stuff got planted. My hubs and kids got me the plants for Mother's Day.
The top planter is flowers and is filling in quite nicely. The bottom planter is herbs.
Can I just say that garlic chives taste good in just about anything? Well they do. If you want to test my theory feel free to come over and get some for yourself. They grow very fast.

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  1. i love the pics with your kids flying through and climbing all over - that's reality!