Monday, May 16, 2011

Reno News - Fireplace Details

The fireplace has been up and working for quite some time. The furniture was moved in the family room long ago. We have watched many episodes of Bones or Magic School Bus on the great TV. We even put pictures on the walls.

BUT.... the tile around the fireplace never got done. Yep, it's been cement board with screws showing for months. Since the grey blends nicely with my scheme you may not have noticed. But someone in this house noticed. That would be my reno-gifted husband who has a drive to see things finished. He is great at working at his own pace. He definitely could have been a home schooled child. Unlike me. My mom can attest that were I homeschooled as a child both she and I would both be dead now:^) Ok, tangent over.

C'mon in the basement and see for yourself....
Can you tell? It's kinda darker around the fireplace insert....

There it is....
He picked the tiles (I wanted the same but with less texture). Apparently I am very uncool because all the things I want are never available. Instead I am just going to believe that I am so cool that the Poco tile shop doesn't have the cool things I envision in stock yet, maybe I am ahead of the trends. Yep, I am going with that one. Tangent two now over.

He is painting/cutting the baseboards this week so this room might actually be done soon. For reals. I just need to sew curtains. Remember tangent one? The windows might be bare for a while still:^)