Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reno News - Finally Hanging Art

I mentioned a while back that the family room was ready for artwork. But, I have continued to stare at the blank walls since then. Monday we took advantage of a rare day off together to avoid 'the almost but not quite done' look.

I took inspiration from this magazine: I got this issue a while ago and love tons of the images. I usually cut up my magazines but this one is on thick paper, a special publication, so I have kept it intact and go to it over and over again. It was this picture of a cabin bedroom that interested me:
See how the pictures are close together and centered on an imaginary line along the wall? Love it. Ok, I love the matching twin beds and burlap pillows too, but that's another story.

Here is what we came up with:

It is (from the left) - framed maps of N. Carolina (where we used to live) from a big map book that had seen better days.
-An etching my Aunt gave to my Dad.
-Two photographs one of my grandpa and his friend and the next of the mountain they climbed.
-A frame we have had since we were married. I was tired of the artwork inside (a postcard) so I printed a vintage botanical from the Graphics Fairy on cardstock and slipped it in the frame. The significance of the ferns? Well, they are everywhere around here thanks to the wet climate and they really say 'west coast' to me.

So remember the BEFORE:
I actually really like how it all came together! The tones are all brown and green and blue which works great with the rest of the neutral room and the turquoise and green accents. I raided my mom's stash of artwork (and created some of my own meaningful art) so it was a free project- my favorite kind.

And on the back wall another BEFORE:

and an almost AFTER:
Once more raiding my Mom's crawlspace. Two paintings that my Dad painted. The painting on the left is the ocean near my grandparents house in Victoria where we spent many weekends and holidays growing up. I believe the park in the picture is the cemetery where my grandparents are both buried. And the painting on the right is a broken down old pickup. Boats and old cars/trucks were often subjects of my Dad's paintings.

I do think the spacing is off and would like to move them a bit closer together... someday! Until then- done!

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